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This is Fitness Coach Online.

We cannot make a change everybody, but each of us can change ourselves, and our example to change our world.

Workouts For Men

No Pain No Gain

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Workouts For Women

Success Starts With Self-Discipline

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All Progress Takes Place Outside The Comfort Zone 

01. What’s Included

  • Workouts for Women & Men
  • Exercises – video & description
  • Weight loss plan
  • Build muscle plan
  • Strength and endurance plan
  • Workout Diet plan

02. Library With Exercises

  • About 300 exercises with description
  • More exercises will be added in the future

03. Restore the Natural Balance

  • Restore Male-Female hormones
  • Restore thyroid function
  • Restore cholesterol values
  • Reduce cortisol to normal
  • Restore liver values
  • Implement nutrition structure
  • Implement a workout program

04. Personal Trainer

You can choose a personal trainer to achieve your result, the fitness coach will create a personal program for you and give you recommendations on nutrition to achieve the fitness goal.

05. Communication

You can chat in the Group on Facebook and Telegram
Share your achievements, photos, recipes, ask for tips and just have a good time!

06. Additional Applications

  • Calculate your optimal calories
  • Body fat calculator
  • Food calorie calculator
  • Stopwatch timer music
  • My records  (Just in Web APPS )

  1. A weight-loss diet is a personalized meal plan designed to help you lose weight.
  2. Who is this diet for? Anyone who is overweight, regardless of gender, age or activity, can reduce fat mass to the desired level if they follow the recommendations.
  3. The course provides versatile advice that has been time-tested and proven by experience, with great emphasis on safety.
  4. The diet can be continued indefinitely, depending on your baseline and goals.
  5. You will learn to control and understand how the body works on a diet.
  6. In the future, you will be able to make your own diet for training or training for a diet.
  • Currently, there are a huge number of illiterate and fundamentally absurd diets,
  • The very history of attempts to lose weight is instructive.
  • Don’t trust diets that recommend very complicated cycles, ridiculous food combinations, lose weight in 10 days or a 2-week course, and the like.
  • Remember that short weight-loss diets are hazardous and temporary.
  • Think about it, you have been getting fat for more than one year, but they offer to lose weight in a short time, this does not happen.
  • Do not be trusted even in cases where it is argued that the elimination of a certain product will lead to significant weight loss.
  • Also, there are no effective nutritional and training programs to eliminate the abdomen, sides or other parts of the body, there is no local fat burning, only with the right diet and training, fat will go away gradually and from the whole body and not evenly, as a rule, is male, from the abdomen will go in the last place, and for female, it is the legs and glutes.
  • Do not try to achieve quick weight loss. Only with systematic and methodical progress is the best result achieved.


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