• MAIN MUSCLES:  Glutes
  • EXERCISE TYPE: Isolating-(Single-Joint)
  • EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Beginner Mid-level


  1. We take the starting position. The head is lowered, the arms are folded over the chest or behind the head.
  2. The back is slightly rounded. Before you start flexion-tilt, you need to strain your buttocks as much as possible.
  3. Slowly begin to lower the body down. At the lowest point of inclination, the body bend angle should be from 60 ° to 90 °.
  4. Make sure that the buttocks remain in tension, and the bend of the body passes only in the pelvic region and the back remains rounded.
  5. At a slow pace, we begin to rise, do not make sudden movements.
  6. Raise the body until it comes out in a straight line with the legs.
  7. It is important not to bend back, when lifting, your body should take its original position and extended in one straight line.