• SECONDARY MUSCLES: Front Delts, Triceps, ABS
  • EXERCISE TYPE: Basic-(Multi-Joint) 
  • EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Hammer Strength Decline 


  1. It is necessary to take the starting position, adjust the seat to the height, press your back completely against the seat.
  2. Place your palms on the handles at the level of the upper chest, bring the shoulder blades together and open the chest.
  3. With an exhalation, it is necessary to squeeze the handles forward along the trajectory of the levers, without lowering your elbows to the floor. At the peak of the amplitude, a second pause is maintained.
  4. On inhalation, the handles are lowered to their original position, but not completely, in order to maintain the necessary tension in the muscles

NOTE: By adjusting the incline of the bench, you can change the emphasis on different parts of the pectoral muscles, more on the upper, middle or lower part. Muscle work resembles a barbell press.If the hands are located at the level of the centre of the chest, then the middle section of the pectoralis major muscle is included in the work.
If the hands are at the level of the collarbones, then the upper part.
And if the arms are shifted to the bottom of the chest, then the emphasis shifts to the lower part of the pectoral muscles.


  • When performing an incline press in a hummer, it is important to rest your back and pelvis against the seat.
  • Do not adjust to the handlebars if you have not adjusted the seat height to your own height.
  • Do not bend your lower back or move your elbows forward or backward from the path.