• SECONDARY MUSCLES: Delts, Triceps
  • EXERCISE TYPE: Basic-(Multi-Joint) 
  • EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Barbell  Bench 
  • EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Beginner  Mid-level


  1. Raise the back of the bench 35-40 ° in relation to the horizontal line. Sit on a bench, place the soles of your feet wider than your shoulders and rest your feet on the floor. The hips, shoulders and head fit snugly against the bench.
  2. Grasp the bar with your hands on top of the bar. The distance between the hands is slightly more than shoulder width (the grip width is the same as when pressing on a horizontal bench).
  3. Inhale and hold your breath, slowly lower the barbell to your upper chest. Touch it with a barbell.
  4. As you exhale, squeeze the bar up.

NOTE: Learn the correct technique for performing movements before increasing the weight of the weights.
Avoid using the force of inertia, use a slow, controlled motion.
Don’t slouch. Keep your chest flat and your shoulder blades down.
Exhale while lifting the bar.
Keep your feet wide apart on the floor for great stability.