• SECONDARY MUSCLES: Delts, Triceps
  • EXERCISE TYPE: Basic-(Multi-Joint) 
  • EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Barbell  Bench 
  • EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Beginner  Mid-level


  1. Lie with your back on a flat bench. Bring your shoulder blades together. Using a medium grip (with this grip, a right angle forms between the forearm and shoulder in the middle of the movement), remove the barbell from the racks and fix it on the arms outstretched in front of you, clenched into fists. This will be your starting position.
  2. From the starting position, inhale and slowly lower the barbell until the bar touches the center of your chest.
  3. After a short pause, with an exhalation squeeze the projectile back to its original position. When pressing, concentrate on using the pectoral muscles. At the highest point of the movement (i.e. the starting position specified above), tighten the chest muscles, wait a second, and then begin to slowly lower the projectile.
  4. Repeat the movement.
  5. At the end of the exercise, return the bar to the racks.


  • lowering the bar to the lower edge of the chest, work out the lower chest.  
  • lowering the bar to the middle of the chest, work out the middle section of the chest.
  • lowering the bar on the clavicular bundles of the pectoral muscle, work out the upper chest.

ATTENTION: To ensure maximum safety, it is very important to “lock” the barbell with your hands, placing your thumb opposite to all other fingers – “lock”.
If the thumb does not “block” the bar, the bar can slip out of the hands at any time and cause serious injury, falling on the jaw or, even more dangerous, on the neck.