• MAIN MUSCLES: Biceps
  • EXERCISE TYPE: Isolating-(Single-Joint)
  • EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Beginner  Mid-level


  1. In the starting position, the legs are shoulder-width apart, dumbbells in the arms along the body. The elbows are pressed to the sides. The palms are facing the sides, and when lifting the dumbbell, you need to turn the hand with the palm up.
  2. At the top point, you need to fix the position of the hand for a second, do not throw it straight down. Strain your biceps as much as possible when the dumbbells are at their highest point. An exhalation is required at the time of bending.
  3. Downward movement should be controlled, no inertia! Exhalation.
  4. The case should be as static as possible. Do not wiggle or jerk or jerk the body. The lift should only be due to the biceps.
  5. When lifting, follow the maximum rotation of the hand, turn the palm up.
  6. Watch your elbows, if they come forward, the deltoid muscle will take the load on itself. And we are pumping biceps!

NOTE: Get the optimal weight.
Will you do a simultaneous rise or alternate, it only depends on you.
The main thing is to do it right. It all depends on personal preference and weight.